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Chino Hills, a small city of around 83,000 inhabitants, is situated within San Bernardino County. Chino Hills is in gorgeous parks and rolling hills 32 miles away from Los Angeles. There are 48 miles of walking trails and 44 parks within the natural beauty of the city’s surrounding areas. The town is famous for its numerous eateries, cultural sites, and shopping centers. In addition, many celebrations and festivals are held in Chino Hills, such as the Harvest Festival or the Multicultural Festival. Family Law in Chino Hills

Here are the eight things to participate in during your time in Chino Hills and surrounding areas.

1. The Old Schoolhouse Museum

In 1888 The first Chino Hills schoolhouse was constructed. The original structure remains in place, though it was used for various functions over the decades. The city officially opened the historic structure in 2016, and is now home to the Old Schoolhouse Museum. A large portion of its collection, such as documents, photographs, and other artifacts about the development and history of Chino Hills and the school’s past, were gathered by local historical society members.

2. Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park is 31 miles long and extends to Whittier Hills across the Santa Ana Mountains. It’s the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is the ideal place to have a picnic or to take a break and relax while admiring the stunning landscape dotted with oak trees, rolling hills, and rolling hills. It is also possible to take a horseback ride, camp, and cycle around the park. In addition, you can hike with more than 60 miles of trails and gravel roads that allow you to discover wildlife.

3. Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill is well-known for its exceptional service and tasty food options. The award-winning, child-friendly Chino Hills restaurant has a diverse menu sure to please everyone’s taste. The restaurant is most well-known for its barbecue menu, which comprises Carolina pulled pork and smoked Brisket. The restaurant also serves an assortment of salads and appetizers along with sandwiches and desserts. There is a choice of salmon dinner or steak dinner as your main meal. Happy hour is available at the bar during the week. Dining outside can be taken advantage of on the outdoor patio.

4. Green River Golf Course

Green River Golf Course, an 18-hole course with a par 72-hole located in Corona, offers a range of facilities to ensure you enjoy the most enjoyable time playing the greens. Instruction is available to players who want to enhance their game. If you need any equipment, there is a store on the premises.

5. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is a historic Hindu Mandir located in Chino Hills. It has served the community as an area to worship and a venue to study Hinduism since 2012. The exhibit provides information on the beliefs, culture, and practices, as well as the history, wisdom, and values of Hinduism and the way it is still widely practiced. A documentary about the building of the temple is also available.

6. The Planes of Fame Air Museum

The Planes of Fame Air Museum is a well-known place to look for aviation-related memorabilia and vintage airplanes. It was founded in 1957 to preserve the history of aviation and inform people about the future of aviation. The museum is currently home to 150 aircraft.

7. Chino Hills' Shoppes

There are a variety of shops in Chino Hills, but The Shoppes of Chino Hills has more than 70 of the best restaurants and shops. In addition, the massive property is a popular shopping spot for pedestrians, which includes stores such as Victoria’s Secret and Jared’s Jewelers, H&M, and Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

8. Prado Regional Park

Explore the 220-acre Prado Regional Park in Chino. It’s the perfect spot to get away from the bustle and noise of city life and take in natural beauty. The golf course is situated in stunning natural surroundings. The park also provides additional activities like fishing, archery, and hiking.

Our Family Law Office Serves Chino Hills, CA

These are the services we provide customers in Chino Hills, California.

Family Law in Chino Hills


Divorce can be a challenging process. When the subject is discussed, emotions could become heated. In the course of a divorce, there are financial concerns to be addressed. The relationship could then turn challenging and even conflicting. Family law in Chino Hills can offer legal advice and assist you in settling any disputes. We will ensure that you don’t unintentionally accept any actions that harm your interests during the divorce process.

Divorce and Assets

In California, divorced couples must decide how to divide their assets and obligations. They may also seek assistance from the courts. California law states that support and debts incurred during the marriage should be divided equally. Additionally, they should be split equally during divorce cases. California follows the rules of community property. Therefore, community property rules must be the governing factor for property division between couples. We understand that divorce can be a complicated process for both spouses and their families. We’re here to make the process as simple and painless as possible. Stephen Gassner and his team can assist you in speeding up the divorce process.

Division of Asset

Complex property division is usually among divorce’s most controversial and challenging aspects. California’s divorce laws follow community property rules and not equitable distribution rules. That means that spouses will share equally the assets and other assets they’ve acquired during their marriage. The court then splits the property equally among the spouses following a divorce. Stephen Gassner’s Law Office believes in well-thought-out negotiations and meticulous investigation to ensure that property is equally distributed between spouses.


The Law Office of Stephen Gassner APC offers mediation services to divorced parties. Mediation is a method to agree with the opposing parties. Stephen Gassner APC acts as a mediator in disputes involving legalities. His mediation aims to reach an agreement that is deemed acceptable by both parties using tried and tested techniques. Participants will be assisted in understanding the issue and determining the fairest, most durable, suitable, and viable solution. Mediation is private and discreet. Family law in Chino Hills will spend the time needed to assist you in resolving your issue.

Spousal Support

In non-married relationships, it is rare for both spouses to be financially responsible. In some cases, one spouse is accountable for the care of children while the other is employed. Even if one spouse is not earning a living, they could be the sole caregiver for their children following a divorce. These issues are taken care of by the Law Office of Stephen Gassner, APC. We can handle cases from Chino Hills, CA, for spousal support. To help your children, an alimony payment has to be paid. 

Spousal Maintenance

Couples who are divorced or separated often require financial assistance. It is often challenging to relocate from a house with two incomes to a single one. It is also challenging for spouses to locate jobs that can support their families and keep their lifestyle because of their inability to complete their education. Spousal support is available to those going through a divorce or legal separation, as well as domestic violence. Spousal support is available to domestic partners, spouses, and spouses of the same gender. The Family Law in Chino Hills will assist you in obtaining the best results in support of your spouse.

Child Custody / Children Custody

A knowledgeable lawyer can ensure that child custody, and support proceedings align with similar laws. A seasoned lawyer will ensure you are confident about the outcome and allow you to speak with the parent and the judge regarding the specifics. Expert lawyers can anticipate and anticipate future issues. They are aware of the safeguards that exist to avoid or minimize the chance of future problems. It is crucial to settle the current disputes and hire a lawyer when the courts are in the picture.

Declaration of Paternity

The court declares paternity to ensure that the child’s father enjoys the same rights as his mother. In addition, paternity declarations enable the child to meet their father and establish a healthy relationship with the father. Paternity declarations are more effective than appearing in court and are the most efficient method to establish paternity. Family lawyers assist you through the legal maze and defend your rights in case of doubts regarding paternity. Family Law in Chino Hills is committed to helping clients solve paternity issues with empathy, professionalism, and compassion in achieving outstanding outcomes. We have assisted Chino Hills families with paternity concerns.

Contempt Procedures

In child support cases, contempt of court cases could be necessary when the child support recipient is self-employed or unable to pay. You must prove your capacity to pay beyond a reasonable doubt. Business owners facing contempt proceedings could be required to fulfill the obligations of their company and start paying the fines. Contempt cases involving family law differ from other contempt proceedings. Because orders are in force and remain binding until the contempt issue has been resolved and cleared, the family law parties must resolve any disputes even after the case has been concluded.

Legal Separation

California provides legal separation instead of divorce. This option is available to couples who want to break up their union. However, even if your marriage is officially terminated, it is essential to go through legal issues. This could result in an uneasy situation. We can assist you in determining whether it’s appropriate to apply for a court order to end a separation or divorce settlement.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, sometimes prenups, are something to consider when you marry. Prenups can be signed even by those who are in solid relationships. Financial advisors can assist you in making sound financial decisions before getting married. Anyone living in California can make a prenup. To ensure you are acquainted with your state’s laws, you should speak with a lawyer before drafting your prenuptial contract.

Protective orders

Domestic violence is a significant issue in many states, including California. A lot of states have laws that provide protection orders. Court orders stipulate that an abusive spouse be kept at a certain distance from the other for a specified time. California’s restraining order is sometimes referred to as protective order. They are in effect for up to 3 years. They may also be held for up to three years in certain circumstances. The court can also direct police officers to be deployed within its jurisdiction to safeguard your family members and immediate relatives living with you.

Modifications to Orders

Many believe divorce is only final after the California divorce order is filed. It is usually true. However, this isn’t always the situation. A person could be able to alter any or all of the conditions of the divorce settlement agreement. The appeal to divorce orders is feasible; however, they are only granted if the opposing party proves that the judge did not understand the law or that it was unjust due to poor faith. It is an appeal or a modification to the divorce order that you believe is unjust or doesn’t meet your requirements. It is possible to speak with an attorney for divorce in your area about the legal procedure for amending the divorce order.

Men's Divorce

Divorce for men can be an incredibly frightening idea. An experienced divorce lawyer with many years of experience in family law and divorce could assist you in avoiding a disaster. Whatever your financial circumstances, consider the possibility of dividing assets. Both parties should be prepared and capable of negotiating child support and custody arrangements during the turmoil of divorce. You may lose hundreds of dollars if you do not choose the most suitable person to work with.

Women's Divorce

Women must be able to seek help after a marriage has ended. Whatever the reason behind a marriage’s end, spouses and divorcees need to be prepared for the lengthy legal process. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner offers women the caring and comprehensive legal guidance they need from divorce attorneys. Every divorce is different, and every marriage is unique. Myriad things could go wrong during the event of divorce. It’s only easy to figure out how to handle these issues with the assistance of a seasoned divorce attorney for women. The Law Offices of Stephen Gassner will help you decide the best way to handle the divorce process. We will also assist you in determining your top priority items. The process could be quick or slow, depending on the kind of divorce you receive.


Establishing the most appropriate arrangements for visitation and child custody when you and your spouse are contemplating divorce is crucial. Stephen Gassner, APC, a lawyer for child custody, can assist you in completing all documents. In addition, we can help you in obtaining access to your child’s custody and visitation rights. To discuss the possibilities, contact us today.

Paternity Challenge

Stephen Gassner’s Law Office represents those involved in paternity disputes. It doesn’t matter if you are the child’s biological father, mother, or alleged father. The right to appear in the presence of a judge is yours. Sometimes, proving that you are an individual father isn’t easy. DNA testing labs can be utilized, and courts generally accept their scientific research method. However, in most cases, it is different from the result.

In some cases, the man could be given parental rights and obligations. This can be confusing. However, we’re here to assist you in understanding the law and offer advice. In addition, we’re here to answer any questions about who will take care of your child the most and who pays the child’s support.

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Why Work With Stephen Gassner's Law Office

Families are a vital part of the lives of many. They are prone to be affected or stretched through life’s events. Every family is stressed and confused. Legal disputes can be possible. Stephen Gassner’s Law Office is your best asset. We’re here to listen and assist you in restoring your relationship. We can also assist in preparing documents and representation for court disputes and applications. These are only a few reasons to address your legal issues directly with Stephen Gassner’s Family Law Chino Hills.

All Your Rights are Protected

Family lawyers can assist you with any legal issue. Family lawyers will ensure the best interests of everyone involved. The law of family is a sensitive field, and it is essential to take an organized and systematic method. Sometimes, you have to be aggressive to contest the legitimacy of the evidence or allegations. However, you can get the desired outcome using persuasive arguments and a thorough understanding of the law. The most effective family lawyers will pay attention to the specifics of your situation.

Seasoned Representation

Even when they’re most efficient, court proceedings can be complex. A skilled family lawyer can assist you in navigating the complex family law system. A competent family lawyer can help you understand the situation and continue to live your life. Family law is an essential aspect of divorce and separation. It is usually a challenging procedure for families. These situations can be complicated and will require more documentation. The cases are often complex, and only a few people have the expertise to handle them. Many people find an attorney for families to be an invaluable source. We help clients learn about their options and to make educated decisions. We also help people to feel confident about making the next step.

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Legally Binding Documents

It is possible to know more about the requirements of family law. However, completing your documents within the time-frames specified took work. Family lawyers manage all paperwork and ensure that it is legally binding, so there aren’t any surprises in the future.

Support that is Qualified

Specific issues like child custody, maintenance, and property division can be emotional and stressful. A lot of people require help dealing with the complex legal system. You can get the most effective result in any legal issue if you consult an attorney.

Prompt Resolution

It’s a cost-effective option, but in the absence of an attorney to help solve your family law dispute, this could result in the argument becoming more complex and expensive. Family lawyers can assist in resolving conflicts and navigating cases through courts quickly and efficiently. We are also well-versed in the deadlines and rules of the family law system. Therefore, it is more beneficial to talk with an attorney rather than delay addressing costly or committing expensive errors.

Peace of Mind

Legal counsel is available to help with family legal issues. It’s great to be confident and know your rights are being secured. There’s no need to fret about deadlines or legal obligations. Your lawyer will handle the documents. We have handled similar cases before.

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Professionalism and Commitment

Family law issues such as separation, divorce, or child custody are challenging and may require much legal work. Family lawyers have the experience to address the most pressing problems with professionalism, commitment, and attention to detail. These issues are something that only some people outside of the legal profession can solve. Rely on them to be accommodating to you and strive for success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Downside to Mediation?

Mediators are not allowed to provide you with legal advice. If you do not have a lawyer, no one will watch out for your best interests or advocate on your behalf. You need guidance from somebody to assist you in making optimal choices for you. Other methods are available besides mediation for amicably resolving the difficulties that arise during a divorce.

How Long Must You Be Married to Get Spousal Support in California?

Alimony may be awarded in California regardless of the length of the parties’ marriages. The good news is there is no predetermined minimum period for marriage before a spouse may be eligible for alimony. When determining whether or not to issue alimony, a family court in California considers several variables, one of which is the marital level of living.

How Long Does It Take To Establish Paternity in California?

Establishing paternity is not subject to a time restriction under California’s paternity legislation, which does not have a statute of limitations. However, if there are any questions whatsoever about the paternity of the father, the courts have the authority to require a blood test up to two years after the child’s birth.

family law attorney chino hills

Family Law Chino Hills, CA by
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The complexity of family law in Chino Hills, CA, could be easier to understand with the assistance of a qualified legal team. To help with any questions, we recommend contacting The Law Office, Stephen Gassner APC. You can get immediate responses based on the information we’ve received. It is simple to get the assistance of experts. Families may go through many issues which require legal advice. For example, we could assist you if you have a dispute with your family member or cannot reach a fair settlement with your ex-spouse. Our community has seen us handle cases that cover almost every aspect of family law. We have dealt with divorces, three parties paternity cases, complicated appellate issues, and domestic violence claim. We strive to give you peace of mind at each stage. If there is something we’ve learned through the years, it’s that life is always moving forward. We assist you in moving towards more excellent stability and certainty when facing uncertainties. We don’t only address tomorrow’s problems. We also look into the future and assist you in determining what needs to happen now to make that distant future a reality.

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