Unfortunately some parties in family law matters simply will not respect court orders. If a romantic relationship breaks down in a manner where the parties basically have no respect for one another, once in awhile, the parties also do not respect the court that orders them to cooperate. There are many ways to enforce a judgment, such as levying on a bank account or garnishing wages. But when a person simply defies the court, we step into the realm of Civil or Criminal Contempt of Court.

Family law contempts are remarkably different than other areas of Family Law. For instance, proof must be beyond reasonable doubt. Also, there are far more kinds of evidence that are either admissible or inadmissible.

For many people who violate court orders, a family law contempt can create a burning desire to comply with court orders. When you need to file a contempt, nothing less will do. When you are charged with contempt, nothing short of a full defense will do. There are plenty of opportunities to stop the process midway.

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