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Claremont is a hidden treasure in Greater Los Angeles, near the San Gabriel Mountains base. Seven colleges are located in Claremont, and many are among the nation’s best universities. There are numerous historical buildings throughout the city. It’s a place filled with trees and historical architectural styles. Claremont is often called the “City of Trees and PhDs” due to its many trees and residents with doctorates. It is an ideal spot for your family to escape for a weekend or an extended family trip. There is a pedestrian-friendly urban area with local eateries and boutiques. There are many luxurious houses in the northern region of Claremont. Additionally, there are welcoming guest hotels, and public art can be seen around the city. Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

Why You Should Visit Claremont, CA

Here are some popular places to visit in Claremont, California:

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology, run by The Webb Schools, is an educational institution. It is the only one in the country accredited by the national government to be situated within an elementary school campus. It is a paleontology museum and includes fossils from living forms that were thousands of years old. The Hall of Life is a captivating exhibit that is a fascinating account of the beginnings of life on Earth and how it developed into the human race. Invertebrates that have been fossilized are abundant, as well as the skulls of mammals, dinosaurs, and other specimens preserved here. After exploring the area, you can visit the Hall of Footprints, the museum’s most extensive collection of footprints.

The Claremont Packing House

Now serving as an outlet mall, this historic structure is the biggest in the city and was built in 1922. It was initially used as the Claremont warehouse but became a landmark for over a century and is a venue for community gatherings. Now, there are a variety of stores, including trendy boutiques and restaurants, as well as wine-tasting rooms and art galleries. In addition, it has become a sought-after spot for couples, family night outs, and gatherings with friends.

The California Botanic Garden

Claremont was fortunate enough to have the stunning California Botanic Garden. The name Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden previously knew the place. However, the management changed its name to reflect the collection better. More than 2,000 varieties of indigenous plants live in the region, as well as more than 70,000 species. Cacti, pine trees, palms, and oaks are found in habitats along the coast, and wildflowers are located in the highlands.

family law attorney Claremont ca

The Padua Hills Theatre

The Padua Hills Theatre was the longest-running theater for musicals with Mexican themes in the United States until it closed. However, the festive spirit can still be experienced in the resort. The park encompasses six acres and includes numerous Spanish Revival-style structures and large areas of green space filled with olive trees. You can take in the natural ambiance of the landscaped gardens and terracotta pathways. This is a sought-after wedding spot near the San Gabriel foothills.

The Folk Music Center

Claremont’s Folk Music Center can be described as a mix of museum, event space, classroom, store, and shop. The adored institution celebrates the musical history of California and the surrounding region. It blends elements of traditional Western as well as Mexican music. You can purchase acoustic guitars, banjos, and ukuleles from their inventory.

Our Family Law Office Serves Claremont, CA


While you might think you’re heading to an amicable divorce, your feelings will shift when discussing the issue. There are a variety of reasons that can cause a marriage to fail. Once the couple starts talking about money, which is an unavoidable part of a divorce, their relationship can become tense or even hostile. Our Family Law Upland lawyer specializing in family law will provide legal guidance and help resolve areas that cause contention. He can also ensure you do not unintentionally consent to any adverse actions in the divorce process.

Divorce and Assets

California divorced couples must decide how to divide their assets and liabilities. The court could be able to help them. California law stipulates that each spouse must equally share support and debts incurred during the marriage. These are the laws governing property division in the state that each California divorcee must be aware of. California is among the states that adhere to the rules of community property. Certain states employ equitable division rules to divide property in a divorce. The laws of community property must determine the division of property between couples. We understand that divorce is emotionally as well as physically challenging. We’re here to make the process as simple as it can be. Mr. Gassner can assist you in speeding up the divorce process.

Division of Assets

Complex property division is usually among divorce’s most challenging and belligerent elements. California’s divorce laws declare that it is a community property state. Therefore, the spouses share the marital assets and other assets equally. In divorce, the court will split the property equally among the spouses. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner believes that a well-thought-out negotiation and extensive investigations are essential to ensure that the assets are equally distributed among the spouses.


The Law Office of Stephen Gassner APC provides mediation services for divorce. By mediation, we assist in getting the two sides to come to an agreement. Stephen Gassner, APC acts as a mediator in disputes involving legality. He aims to devise an arrangement that benefits both parties using proven techniques. Each participant will be assisted in comprehending the problem and finding an equitable, long-lasting, viable, sustainable, and fair solution. Mediation is private and confidential. Family Law Upland will take the time to assist you in resolving your dispute and not pressure you to reach the outcome you want.

Claremont Family Law Attorney

Spousal Maintenance

It can become an issue if a couple splits or divorces and need financial assistance. For example, moving from a home generating two incomes to a single one is often tricky. In addition, it is often stressful for spouses to find jobs to support their families or maintain their lifestyles because of a lack of education. Spousal maintenance is possible for a person experiencing divorce or legal separation. Spousal support is available to spouses, domestic partners, spouses of the same gender, or former spouses. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner will help you obtain the most effective results from the support of your spouse.

Child Custody / Children Custody

A knowledgeable attorney can ensure that child/children custody proceedings are fair and in line with guidelines in similar cases. You can be confident that the procedure was just and that you had the opportunity to speak with the judge and other parents regarding the details. Stephen Gassner lawyers are experienced in this field and will assist you in planning for future issues. They know the security measures in place to avoid or minimize problems. The ultimate goal is to stop the ongoing dispute and the numerous trips to court. Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

The Declaration of Paternity

The court uses the declaration of paternity to guarantee that the child’s father enjoys the same rights as if they were married to the mother. In addition, the court’s declaration helps the child get acquainted with their father and establish bonds. Paternity declarations are generally more effective than appearing in court and are the quickest and most efficient method to prove paternity. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner is ready to assist you in navigating the legal maze and safeguard your rights if you need help with paternity declaration. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping clients with paternity concerns with empathy, knowledge, and professionalism. We also get outstanding results. We have helped people from Claremont and the surrounding areas with divorce and family law problems.

Contempt Procedures

In the case of child support, in which the payer is self-employed and can support their children, contempt actions could be required. It is essential to demonstrate your capacity to pay “beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, a business owner facing contempt proceedings might be required to agree to the support obligations of their business and start paying support obligations. Contempt cases involving family law could differ from regular contempt cases. Orders are in force and binding after the contempt issue has been decided and dismissed. The parties to a family law case must settle their disagreements even after the case has been closed.

Legal Separation

California provides a different option to divorce by granting the possibility of a legal separation. This option is utilized by couples who want to break up the marriage but not dissolve it. It is still necessary to go through all the legal aspects of divorce, even if you’ve got an official separation. The marriage you have been in may be coming to an end. You and your spouse probably didn’t have a good relationship before the divorce was finalized. Likely, things will stay the same. We can help you determine whether you should pursue an order from the court for a separation agreement or divorce. Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

Protective orders

Domestic violence is a frequent issue in several states, including California. A lot of states have laws on protection orders. Court orders state that the abusive spouse must live within a certain distance of their partner and family for a particular duration. California’s “restraining orders” are also referred to as protective orders. They can be issued for up to three years. In some cases, they may be made permanent. The court can also direct police to operate within its limits to safeguard your family members and any immediate relatives living with you.

Modifications to Orders

Many people think divorce is final after the California divorce decree has been filed. This is usually the case. However, this could be an exception. A modification could be possible to one or more of the terms of the agreement for a divorce settlement.

While appeals against divorce decrees could be possible, they are typically only granted when either party can prove that the judge misinterpreted the law or the unfair decision. It is an appeal to amend or change the divorce decree you believe is unfair or doesn’t satisfy your requirements. Learn more about the legal procedures for changing the divorce decree by talking to an attorney from our firm.

Men's Divorce

The thought of divorce for males is a terrifying idea. An attorney for family law or divorce with years of experience can help you avoid the fear that something terrible could occur. You must consider an agreement to divide assets, regardless of financial circumstances. Also, both parties must be able to agree on child support and custody arrangements amid the emotional turmoil of divorce. You may be liable for thousands of dollars in losses if you do not employ the right person. Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

Claremont Family Lawyer

Women's Divorce

The Law Office of Stephen Gassner can help you learn about your rights and how you can use these rights to protect your best interests. Our women’s divorce lawyer is able to defend your custody rights, fight for the marital assets you need, and protect your interests in child support and alimony disputes. 


The environment is integral to your child’s overall health and growth. If you and your spouse are preparing to divorce, it’s essential to establish the most appropriate arrangement for visitation or the custody of your child. Stephen Gassner, APC, a Claremont child custody lawyer, will assist you in completing all the legal paperwork. We can assist you in obtaining your right to visit or get custody. For more information, call us now.

Paternity Challenge

The Law Office of Stephen Gassner represents those involved in paternity disputes. It is sometimes challenging to establish the paternity of the child’s biological father. The courts generally allow DNA testing lab results. However, most of the time, this is a partial outcome. A man can also be given parental rights and obligations in specific circumstances. The issues may seem complicated. However, we can assist you in understanding the law and offer advice based on the facts. We can also answer any questions you might have about the person who will care for your child and who pays the child support.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to Pay for My Spouse's Divorce Lawyer California?

You do not have to pay for your spouse’s divorce lawyer in California. No state, including California, has a statute requiring one spouse to cover the other’s legal expenses. In very few instances, California courts may compel one spouse to pay the other spouse’s legal bills, but only – typically – if a family’s resources are so unbalanced that the divorce process would otherwise be completely unjust.

Who Pays for Divorce in California?

Each spouse pays for divorce in California. A spouse cannot demand the other pay for the divorce. Instead, each spouse covers their legal fees and any related expenses.

How Much Alimony Does a Wife Get in California?

A wife gets the following alimony in California: support equal to 40% of the paying spouse’s net monthly income, decreased by 50% of the receiving spouse’s net monthly income. If there is a dispute over child support, spousal support is determined after child support.

Family Law Claremont, CA by Law Office of Stephen Gassner

Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

Family bonds are essential. They are also affected or stretched through life’s events. Every family has moments of conflict and uncertainty. Legal disputes are possible, but the Law Office of Stephen Gassner can make the process less stressful and complicated for you. We offer assistance in the areas of representation in the courtroom, applications to the court, preparation of documents, and dispute resolution. 

At every step, we strive to provide peace of mind. If you are facing uncertainty, we help you get to the point of greater certainty or stability. We don’t only address the issues of tomorrow. We see far into the future to help you decide what actions are needed to make the far-off future more tangible. Family Law Attorney in Claremont CA

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