Family Law in Fontana CA

Family Law in Fontana, CA

Fontana was founded in 1913 in San Bernardino County, California. It truly began to grow at the time of the Second World War. Henry J. Kaiser was one of the town’s founding fathers and constructed an iron mill. As a result, the town grew into the center of the region that it is now. Fontana is a charming town with many historical structures, theaters, and historic homes. There are also modern-day attractions such as the Auto Club Speedway. This is because it’s located exactly where the first Kaiser Steel Mill was built. Family Law in Fontana CA

Let’s take a look at some of the best activities to do in Fontana. Family Law in Fontana CA

1. Fiesta Park

Fiesta Park is a well-known local park. Even though it’s tiny, it has plenty of things to keep you entertained. Fiesta Park offers fun for all family members with a wide range of playgrounds catering to kids of all ages. In addition, there are benches in the park, so you can stroll around and take in the California landscape.

2. Artist Exhibition at Fontana City Hall

Fontana City Hall is the home of the Artist Showcase program to introduce residents to the art world. The program also offers young local talent a chance to showcase their work in the City Council Chamber Foyer, which is situated within City Hall. Artists can exhibit their work here for three months.

3. Smoke Stack Trail

Explore the Smoke Stack Trail, which will take you to the mountains and desert in the city’s vicinity. These trails are regarded as serene and peaceful spots to take in the beauty of nature in the region. They are more peaceful on weekends. The trails can be walked, or you can ride.

4. Center Stage Theater

The Center Stage Theater is Fontana’s most famous structure. It was built in 1937. The facility was a cinema in the past, but it eventually began to decay. The Center Stage Theater was restored between 2004 and 2008, after which it was opened again. It’s now renowned as a cinema, but it also serves as a live-performance venue and hosts live dinner theatre. Tibbies Cabaret now plays at the theatre. The audience can choose from an array of delicious menus, from appetizers to main dishes, while enjoying the dance and music. It’s one of the best events in Fontana.

5. Mount Jurupa

Mount Jurupa is a stunning view of Fontana. This is an excellent spot for an ideal day trip. It is possible to hike up the top of Mount Jurupa and take in stunning views and an entirely different perspective of Fontana. This is an excellent chance to get outside and be physically active while in California.

6. Auditorium for Steelworkers

If you’re looking to participate in the art of Fontana, Steelworkers Auditorium is where you should go. The auditorium is home to various programs and events throughout the year. It is committed to celebrating the arts and culture in Fontana. There are musicals, theaters, and acting classes on this site. In addition, there are opportunities to attend a local performance. Other fun events are talent shows, film evenings, and musical recitals.

7. Fontana Park

Fontana Park was established in 2008 and is most likely to be the most visited and well-known park in the area. It also houses the Jesse Turner Health and Fitness Center. In addition, the park is home to an indoor skatepark, a place for dogs, and a variety of playgrounds for kids of all age groups. You can enjoy the stunning landscape of Fontana Park from the comfort of your own living space. Additionally, there are several sports pavilions throughout the park.

8. Auto Club Speedway

If you’re a lover of racing and would like to take on for a couple of laps, Auto Club Speedway is the place to be. The track is famous as the venue for Xfinity, IndyCar Series, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Fontana’s Kaiser Steel Mill is also located on the trail. You can pick from various options that will have you racing around the track at whatever speed you want. In addition, you can observe the race even if you want to avoid participating.

9. Martin Tudor Hills Regional Park

Martin Tudor Hills Regional Park is a must if you’re seeking a wide range of things to do in one place. There are numerous places to unwind and take in the beauty of nature in the region, including playing volleyball on the courts. There are also playgrounds designed for the youngest youngsters. Walking for an hour along the trail that climbs is also possible. If you’re looking for more challenging terrain. Enjoy the Fontana greenery while doing an exercise on the path.

Our Family Law Office Serves Fontana, CA

These are the services we provide in Family Law Fontana, California. Family Law in Fontana CA 

Family Law in Fontana CA


While you might think you’re about to have an amicable divorce, your emotions will change as you discuss the issue. Friendships can get strained and even hostile once you talk about the financial problems of a divorce. An attorney specializing in family law could provide legal advice, support in working through the areas that are causing contention, and ensure that you don’t unintentionally consent to anything detrimental to your interests throughout the divorce process.

Divorce and Assets

California divorced couples must determine what to do with their debts and assets. California law states that all debts and support accumulated through marriage are equally shared by the spouses and should be divided equally in a divorce. There are basic facts California divorcees should know about in California’s property division laws. California is one of the states that adhere to community property rules. Some states use equitable division rules to divide property in a divorce. Property belonging to a couple must be divided according to the rules of community property. We are aware that divorce can be challenging and emotional. We are here to help make the process as simple as possible. Family Law in Fontana CA

Division of Asset

Complex property division is typically among divorce’s most contentious and complicated elements. Although child custody and visitation are among the most emotionally charged issues that arise in divorce, they may also be among the most litigious. California’s divorce laws identify as a state that is community property, not an equitable distribution state. This means the spouses equally distribute their assets and other property acquired through the marriage. Thus, the court will split assets equally between spouses when they divorce. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner believes that an intelligent negotiation and a thorough investigation are essential to ensure that the assets are equally distributed across the spouses.


The Law Office of Stephen Gassner APC can provide mediation services for divorce. We assist in achieving an agreement between the opposing parties by mediation. His goal is to reach an agreement that can be acknowledged by both parties using proven techniques. Each party will be guided to understand the issue and then assisted in finding the fairest and most sustainable solution. Mediation is confidential and private. Stephen Gassner, APC, will spend the time to assist you in settling your dispute and insisting on the outcome you prefer.

Spousal Support

Rarely are both partners in an unmarried couple liable for the same financial responsibility. For example, in some cases, one spouse is responsible for childcare while the other is at work. Furthermore, one of the spouses is liable for their children following divorce, even if they don’t earn a salary. We at the Law Office of Stephen Gassner, APC, accept spousal support cases within Fontana, CA. A payment of alimony is necessary to aid your children. Gassner can help you discuss your case with an attorney.

Spousal Maintenance

It can become an issue if couples divorce or split up and need financial assistance. It is often challenging to transition from home generating two incomes to one. Furthermore, it can be difficult for spouses to stay working at home to support their families or permit them to continue their current lifestyle due to the lack of education. Spousal maintenance is a possibility for anyone experiencing divorce or legal separation. Spousal maintenance can be provided to spouses, domestic partners, and spouses of the same gender. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner will help you obtain the most effective results from your spouse’s support.

Child Custody / Children Custody

An experienced lawyer can ensure that the custody battle and child support outcome is fair and within the normal ranges for similar instances. Family Law Fontana professional lawyer will assure you that the process was fair and you had the opportunity to speak with the court and other parents regarding the specifics. Experienced lawyers can help you prepare for the future. They are aware that safeguards have been put in place to eliminate or significantly reduce the likelihood of issues arising in the near future. Stopping the ongoing dispute and all court appearances is the ultimate goal.

Declaration of Paternity

The court declares paternity to ensure that the child’s father has the same rights that the father would enjoy if they were married to the child’s mother. The child also gets to meet the legal father of their child and create bonds with him. Although not required to appear in court, a paternity declaration is typically the easiest and most efficient method to establish paternity, more effective than going to court. Family law Fontana lawyers can assist in getting through the complicated legal system and help you protect your rights when doubtful about paternity. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner strives to assist clients with paternity concerns with empathy, knowledge, and expertise and provide professional results. We have helped people throughout Fontana with divorce and family law issues.

Contempt Procedures

Contempt proceedings may be necessary when it comes to child support. You must prove that you can pay “beyond reasonable doubt.” A business owner facing contempt proceedings may be required to accept their support obligations and then begin paying them. Contempt cases involving family law are different from regular contempt proceedings. The reason is that orders remain in effect even after the contempt case has been resolved and the case is ruled out. Additionally, the family law Fontana court parties must resolve their differences even after the case has been closed.

Legal Separation

California offers the option of legal separation. This option is provided to couples who want to dissolve their marriage but cannot divorce. It’s still essential to deal with all legal aspects of divorce, even if you’ve already had a formal separation. For example, your marriage could be coming to an end. You and your spouse probably didn’t have a good relationship before the divorce was finalized. We can help you determine whether you want to seek an order from the Court for a separation agreement or divorce.

Family Law in Fontana CA

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial Agreement or prenup is something to consider when getting married. Even couples already in a steady relationship may decide to sign the prenup. Family Law Fontana financial advisors can aid you in making decisions about your finances before you get married. But the prenups are legal documents that anyone in California can sign. Therefore, it is advised to consult a lawyer to prepare an agreement for prenuptial and ensure that you understand the laws applicable to your state.

Protective orders

Domestic violence is a widespread problem in many states, including California. As a result, many states have protection order laws. Court orders state that the abusive spouse cannot live within a specific distance from a particular person for a certain period. California’s “restraining orders” are also referred to as protective orders. They can be placed for up to three years. In some instances, they may be permanently imposed. The court could also require police to operate within its jurisdiction to protect your family members and any immediate relatives who live with you.

Modifications to Orders

Many people think divorce is a finality once the California divorce order is filed. This is only sometimes the case. One party could be qualified to amend all or any part of the divorce settlement agreement. Even though appeals to divorce orders may be an option, they are seldom granted unless the other side can show that the judge misapplied the law or that the ruling was unfair due to the judge’s bad faith. This appeal seeks to modify or amend the divorce order that you believe is unfair or does not fulfill your requirements. Inquiring with a respected divorce attorney in your area will help you to understand the legal processes required to modify the divorce order.

Men's Divorce

The idea of divorce in males can be scary. A family law Fontana attorney with decades of experience can assist you in avoiding the anxiety that something catastrophic could happen. You should consider negotiating an agreement to split assets regardless of the financial situation. Amid the emotional turmoil caused by divorce, both parties must agree on child support and custody agreements. It is possible to be responsible for hundreds of dollars in expenses if you fail to employ the right person.

Women's Divorce

When a husband wants a divorce, the wife must consider getting legal advice. It is easy to feel overwhelmed trying to maintain a roof over your head. California provides some protections that you can depend on to help navigate your way through life. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner will orient you regarding your rights and assist you in using them. You must ensure you receive the payments for support from your spouse.


Environment plays a significant influence on the health and growth of your child. Finding the most suitable arrangement for the visitation and custody of your child is vital should you and your spouse choose to split up. Family Law Fontana child custody lawyer, can assist you in filling out all paperwork. We can help you obtain the right to visitation or custody of your child. Call us now for an appointment to discuss your options.

Paternity Challenge

Stephen Gassner’s Law Office represents people involved in paternity disputes. You have the right to appear before a judge, regardless of whether you’re the child’s mother or the child’s alleged father. It can be challenging to determine the identity of a birth father when determining biological paternity. Courts typically accept DNA testing laboratories and their scientific research methods. In some instances, a man might be granted parental rights and obligations. The issues may seem complicated and confusing, but we can assist you in understanding the law and offer advice based on the facts. We can also answer any questions you may be asking about the person who will care for your child and who will pay for child support.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Family bonds are crucial for the majority of people. Unfortunately, they can also be broken or stretched through life’s events. Every family goes through times of uncertainty and conflict. Fortunately, legal battles can be resolved. The Family Law Fontana is your best asset. We’re ready to address your concerns and help you restore your relationship. We can also help you with the following issues: document preparation, dispute resolution representation in court, application to the court, and even model. Here are some excellent reasons to send your legal matters directly to Stephen Gassner’s Law Office.

All Your Rights are Secured

Whatever legal issue you have to face, the family law Fontana lawyer can assist you in protecting your rights. Family lawyers are there to safeguard the interests of all involved. Family matters can be very sensitive, and it is crucial to take a consistent and proficient approach. Sometimes, it is necessary to use a firm approach to contest false accusations or evidence. The result you want with convincing arguments and deep knowledge of the law. But, the most reputable family lawyers will be attentive to the situation.

Seasoned Representation

Even when they’re most efficient, the court process can get confusing. A family law Fontana lawyer will help you navigate the complex family law system.

Legally Binding Documents

If you’re unfamiliar with the requirements of family law in California, you might not be able to complete and file appropriate documents in time to meet the deadlines set by law. The lawyer you choose for your family is in charge of all paperwork. We will ensure that it’s legally binding, so there aren’t any surprises in the future.

Support that meets Requirements

Sometimes, concerns like child custody or property division, among other things, can be stressful. Many people need help with the complex legal system. A Family Law Fontana lawyer can help and help you achieve the best outcome regardless of the legal circumstance.

Prompt Resolution

While it could be an economically viable option, settling legal disputes in the family without the help of a lawyer could lead to the matter becoming more complex, costly, and more complicated. Family lawyers can help with the resolution of disputes and help get cases through the courts fast and efficiently. They are also well-versed in the legal requirements and deadlines for the family law system. It is much better to speak to an attorney as soon as possible rather than waiting to rectify costly mistakes or to make expensive mistakes later.

We Service Also Family Law in Chino Hills, CA

Family Law Chino Hills, CA

Peace of Mind

Family legal cases can be helped with access to expert legal counsel. Knowing that your rights are protected is a huge relief. There is no need to fret about legal obligations for documents, deadlines, and how to address the judge. Your lawyer will take care of the paperwork. They are skilled in dealing with similar situations.

Legal Guidance

A competent family lawyer can help you understand the implications of a difficult situation to help you move on in your life. Family law is an essential aspect of divorce and separation. It can be a challenge for families. The cases are often complicated and require a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle these cases. A family lawyer is a valuable resource for many people. This helps people be informed about the options available and makes them make informed choices and feel confident in taking the next step. Family Law in Fontana CA

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Need a Reason to Divorce?

It is unnecessary to provide a reason to divorce or dissolve a marriage; this kind of divorce is commonly referred to as “no blame.” Once you have been married, or in your civil partnership for at least one year, you are eligible to file for divorce or dissolution of the marriage. If it has been less than a year, you may get information on how to end your relationship with your partner.

Can One Parent Keep a Child From the Other Parent Without Court Orders California?

It is against the law for one parent to keep the child or children hidden from the other parent or for a parent to refuse to allow the other parent any kind of contact or visitation with the child or children.

How Long After Mediation is Divorce Final in California?

It usually takes six months after mediation when the divorce is final in California.

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