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San Bernardino, located east of Los Angeles in the Inland Empire, is a beautiful city. There are numerous activities, entertainment options, palm trees, and ever-present mountains. The city is a retreat because of the Mediterranean climate and stunning landscape. It’s also a hot geographical area that has deserts, forests, and ocean landscapes in a simple drive. San Bernardino County California

San Bernardino is rich in tradition and culture. It is the largest city in San Bernardino County and among the biggest in the nation. This means that there are many local attractions like restaurants and theaters, and the county visitors have access to more tourist destinations. This site also permits cities to hold significant events like the National Orange Show Fair. San Bernardino’s stunning weather is yet another reason to go. This is particularly relevant when you visit the San Bernardino Mountains, also known as the Alps in Southern California. It is situated in the city’s back. San Bernardino National Forest is frequently the ideal spot for outdoor activities. There are numerous places to visit on the Rim of the World Scenic Byway that runs along the mountain’s summit.

Popular Places to Visit in San Bernardino County, CA

If you want to visit San Bernardino, check out these popular places you can enjoy with the family:

1. Original McDonald's Site and Museum

The historic McDonald’s restaurant is situated on Route 66. It’s now an official State Historic Site that celebrates the history of the fast-food giant. The museum on the roadside has thousands of souvenirs from McDonald’s and includes a giant McDonald’s sign. In addition, they have one of the largest collections of historic McDonald’s products. The collection consists of antique and rare Happy Meal toys worldwide. Visitors can bring their Happy Meal toys to the museum to be included in the collection. The attraction is accessible to everyone, and admission is entirely free. So don’t be put off even if you’re not a fan of hamburgers. The attraction on the roadside is a showcase of American tradition and history.

2. Glen Helen Regional Park

Glen Helen Regional Park can be found in the beautiful foothills of the Cajon Pass, which lies northwest of the city’s center. It is easy to escape into the natural surroundings within a 20-minute driving distance from downtown. Disco golf, fishing, and swimming in the two lakes are a few of the most sought-after activities. Glen Helen also has a huge swimming pool that has numerous waterslides.

The Glen Helen Amphitheater is situated in the park’s regional area. The massive performance venue that can accommodate 65,000 spectators is home to major headliners. It is a favored location for festivals that span multiple days and other events. It is among the most prominent outdoor stages in the US. In addition, thousands of people go to the Glen Helen Raceway for professional and amateur motorsports races yearly.

3. Rim of the World Scenic Byway

The city’s entry point to the San Bernardino Mountains is the Rim of the World Scenic Byway. The roughly 110-mile byway is located between highways 138-18 and 38, taking you to the mountain’s peak. It also passes through San Bernardino National Forest.

This road connects a variety of well-known forest attractions, including Big Bear Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and Silverwood Lake. In addition, it is the most convenient way to find local ski resorts during winter, such as Snow Valley Mountain Resort or Big Bear Mountain Resort. There are also additional roadside attractions such as Heaps Peak Arboretum or several picnic spots.

The scenic drive climbs from the valley floor up to the higher levels of the forest, offering an ideal escape from the heat and bustle of urban life. The industry provides stunning panoramas of the whole Inland Empire. In addition, there are numerous pull-outs to enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

4. San Bernardino County Museum

The San Bernardino County California Museum can be located in Redlands in a city nearby. It’s just 15 minutes away from downtown. It is an area-specific museum focused on the region’s natural and cultural heritage. It houses more than 2,000 items within its collection, along with various other items.

Two floors are home to exhibits at the museum. The Main Level houses the Hall of History and the Hall of Earth Sciences. There, displays like covered wagons or a massive mastodon will catch your interest. It is recommended to be prepared to spend an hour exploring everything the exhibits accessible.

School groups and families who visit the San Bernardino County Museum are thrilled with the museum. A variety of hands-on activities provide an engaging educational experience. Events and special programming are also offered in the museum.

5. Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, a mountain getaway open all year, is just half an hour from San Bernardino National Forest. It is accessible by way of the Rim of the World Scenic Byway. The lake has significantly lower temperatures than the valley floor. It’s a favorite getaway from San Bernardino, no matter the season.

The winter skiing experience at Big Bear Mountain Resort in Southern California is an excellent sport. Numerous trails allow for snowshoe and fat bike riding. Numerous hotels, cottages, and cabins are located along the shores of the south side of the lake. They provide a range of lodging choices for weekend guests.

There are plenty of activities at Big Bear Lake in the summer seasons. The most popular activities are mountain biking, trail running, and launching boats into the water. The San Bernardino National Forest borders the lake. In addition, the nation-spanning Pacific Crest Trail is close to Big Bear Lake, attracting many hikers and foot traffic. San Bernardino County California

Towns In San Bernardino County California You Should Visit


Upland, California, is located near the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in San Bernardino County. It is situated 40 miles to the east of Los Angeles.

The historic Downtown Upland offers quiet relaxation, a wide array of antique stores and custom-made shops, exquisite eateries, and other services. In addition, there are numerous annual events and festivals within the area like the Annual Upland Lemon Festival, in April.

Three stages also offer live music. From April to October, The Town Center hosts the “Second Avenue Market,” a farmer’s market and a street fair with live entertainment, food, and rides for kids. A Taste of Upland is a May event commemorating the past 100 years of exquisite food and, as the slogan states, “Graceful Living. Upland is the host of the Children’s Christmas Parade every December. There are many attractions in the areas surrounding Southern California. They are accessible via a quick trip. There are numerous recreation areas close by, such as the many mountains and beaches in Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear.

Claremont, CA

Claremont is a hidden treasure in Greater Los Angeles, near the San Gabriel Mountains base. Seven colleges are located in Claremont, and many are among the nation’s best universities. There are numerous historical buildings throughout the city. It’s a place filled with trees and historical architectural styles. Claremont is often called the “City of Trees and PhDs” due to its many trees and residents with doctorates.


Ontario, situated 35 miles northeast of Los Angeles, is the “gateway” to Southern California. It is home to an international airport near Disneyland, Palm Springs, and other tourist attractions. People can browse for antiques and find bargains in the Ontario Mills shopping center, visit the Graber Olive House, take a trip to Scandia’s amusement park, or go to the Museum of History and Art.


Fontana was established in 1952. It is situated in San Bernardino County. It is found in the eastern region of Los Angeles, known as “The Inland Empire.” Fontana is located about 50 minutes to the east of Los Angeles. Fontana is located centrally close to beaches, mountains, and several lakes. Fontana is a semi-arid region. Summers can be hot, and the winters are cool. The average temperature for the summer is around 90 degrees. The average winter temperature is in the 60s.

Fontana, California, is close to Los Angeles’ arts and entertainment choices. It is also home to the following tourist attractions like the California Speedway, Fontana Days Festival, Fontana Days Half-Marathon, and the Summer Concert Series. Three famous mountain resorts are also within the Inland Empire: Mountain High, Big Bear, and Lake Arrowhead.

Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga is well-known for its position along the historic Route 66. There are a variety of fun things to do within Rancho Cucamonga. Southern California is within easy driving distance from Los Angeles and other popular tourist attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Rancho Cucamonga also has a campus of the Universal Technical Institute. UTI Rancho Cucamonga offers students the opportunity to study diesel, automotive, and welding, in addition to industrial maintenance technology, automation, and robotics. (Wind Turbine Technician and Industrial Maintenance Technician programs are scheduled to be launched shortly, subject to approval by the regulatory authorities. They could also be able to finish specific training programs developed in collaboration with Ford and Toyota.

Chino Hills

Chino Hills, a California suburb, is situated in San Bernardino County. It’s 32 miles east of Los Angeles, 35 minutes west of San Bernardino, and 21 miles northeast of Anaheim. Chino Hills is a predominantly affluent residential area of Los Angeles, located between Pomona to the north, Chino to the east, and Yorba Linda toward the south.

The hills surrounding Chino Hills have remained unchanged for hundreds and thousands of years. They were previously part of the land of a handful of homesteaders or ranches. Chino Hills, primarily rural until the mid-1970s, was mainly utilized for dairy and equestrian purposes. Then, in the years following, there was an influx of development, with massive residential developments rapidly expanding into the region. In 1991, Chino Hills was officially incorporated, and the population steadily increased. Chino Hills is a popular area to live in and is still a popular place to live. Chino Hills is famous for its stunning countryside setting and its high standard of life.


Eastvale, situated in Riverside County’s Inland Empire area, has an estimated population of 64,000. It is considered to be a suburb within Riverside. It was once awash with dairy farms. It is now famous for its beautiful weather and small-town vibe. It is situated just 45 miles away from the city of Los Angeles. Eastvale is a bustling city with various parks, cafes, restaurants, and parks. Additionally, there are shopping centers such as Vernola Marketplace, Eastvale Marketplace, and The Merge Of Eastvale.