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Family law around Upland, CA, can be too complex to understand without help from a skilled legal team. For this reason, we urge you to work with the Law Office of Stephen Gassner, APC, with any questions you may have. You can obtain actionable answers from our team, at least, based upon the facts brought to our attention. We want to make it convenient for you to get advice from skilled professionals, so we offer easy scheduling and courteous service. Families may go through a variety of problems that call for legal guidance. If you are in dispute with a relative or you cannot come to a fair agreement with your former spouse, we may be able to help. We have taken on cases involving practically every aspect of family law during our time serving the community. We have resolved divorces, 3-party paternity cases, complex appellate matters, and domestic violence claims.

You may rest assured that we are up to the task of advising you during a time of family transition. Our team is courteous and gives personalized attention to all of our clients. Family law is the bundle of laws that govern family relationships. The most common family law matter is a divorce (dissolution of marriage in California) or marital break-up.

Family law also includes paternity (a lawsuit to establish or deny a parental relationship). Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support (alimony), Guardianship (custody to non-parent), [civil] Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (civil violent), grandparent visitation, step-parent visitation.

Numerous other fields of law practice are adjacent to family law but do not arise in the family law courts. Matters involving inheritance, conservatorships, domestic violence prosecutions, and civil lawsuits between family members often “seem” like family law but are not. We do not appear in those courts, but we consult and interact with specialists in such courts and provide assistance to other practitioners.


Nobody will tell you when to break up with your spouse! But married people deserve to know their legal rights. It takes two people to create a marriage, but only one to decide to break it up. We can provide you with a legal analysis of your right in the event that your spouse decides to end the marriage. If you must make this difficult decision, we recommend that you fully understand the potential issues.

Managing your financial affairs prudently during the run-up to a divorce can make a huge difference in your outcome when the divorce is complete. Economic rights can be won and lost during the weeks and months when you remain in denial about your former partner’s intentions. The opposite can also be true. You might win marital rights while your partner remains in denial about your intentions.

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Decisions made early in the process may have long-lasting psychological or financial effects that are difficult to resolve later. Going into the process with complete information can be essential to preserve your standard of living when the divorce ends.

We are routinely called upon to fix broken cases that prior attorneys messed up. Though we would love to tell you the stories, our clients’ lives are confidential. We cannot! But let us distinguish cases that prior attorneys messed up from situations where prospective clients evade responsibility. Both types of issues need work. We help with that.

You may prefer to obtain advice on these topics from specialists in other disciplines, such as a psychologist, therapist, group therapy, or a member of the clergy. They help focus attention on future lifestyles, attitudes, and methods of relating to the people in your life, and how to make decisions about how to connect with family members.

Lawyers preserve your legal rights. We cannot stop the other parent from engaging in emotional abuse. But we can obtain court orders that structure your interaction with the other parent to keep the peace. We cannot make your children feel better about a divorce. But we can impose restraining orders that restrict both parents from the sorts of communications that destroy a child’s sense of security. We cannot solve the stress you face when your spouse comes home intoxicated. But, in appropriate circumstances, we can get (or defend against) court orders for an abusive spouse to move out. And, for that spouse who knows (s)he has a problem, we help recognize the actual issues and lead you to find solutions through referrals to other appropriate professionals.

At all steps, we focus on providing for your peace of mind. If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is that life moves forward. When you face uncertainty, we help you move towards a place of greater certainty or stability. We do not just deal with tomorrow’s problem. We look far into the future and help you decide what steps need to happen now to make that distant future come closer.