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Ontario, California, is a city that is “forty-five minutes away from wherever you’d like to go.” It is 35 miles northeast of Los Angeles and is the “gateway” to Southern California. The city has its international airport and is close to L.A. attractions like Palm Springs, Disneyland, Disney World, and the mountain resorts Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, and Disneyland. Ontario residents can visit the Ontario Mills shopping center to discover bargains and antiques. They also can tour Graber’s Olive House, Scandia Amusement Park, and the Museum of History and Art. Let’s look at some of the best activities in Ontario and California. Family Law Ontario CA

1. Chaffey Community Museum of Art

Each location has its artist. Likewise, every destination has artwork to display. Chaffey Community Museum of Art, also called the CCAA Museum of Art, is among the most storied local institutions that help the local art scene. You’ll see exhibits from nationally-recognized individuals and new offerings from those you need to become more familiar with.

2. Museum Hopping at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art

It is possible to visit a few museums during your visit to the Chaffey Community Museum of Art. The Museum of History and Art is close by. The museum preserves and collects Ontario’s past and offers informative exhibits and special events every year. The museum is located in a stunning historical structure. While displays are constantly changing, there are some ongoing exhibits. For example, the Gem of the Foothills is an exhibit that celebrates the city’s distinctive heritage and culture. At the same time, Road Ways examines the effects of the modern road on American society. Family Law Ontario CA

3. Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park

California is an ideal location to soak up the sunshine. Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park offers 150 acres of recreation activities in an easy and convenient location. Two lakes are situated within the grounds. Fishing and even boating in one of the lakes. There’s an additional water park that thrill seekers will enjoy for its great slides and kids who love to play in the water. You may also organize groups of events in these locations. Family Law Ontario CA

4. Enjoy a Round of Golf

The Whispering Lakes Golf Course is an option if you’d rather play a few holes instead of spending time in the waterpark. It is an 18-hole, 72-par course. The course has recently been renovated, including a brand-new clubhouse and numerous other features. Gary Nicholas, the PGA Head Golf Professional, can assist you in improving your game.

5. Take a Hike at the North Etiwanda Preserve

The North Etiwanda Preserve is an ideal spot to hike in the region. You’ll be amid Californian wildlife and flora when you travel along the 3.3-mile trail. It will take about 2 hours to finish. However, there are some rocky sections. Visit Etiwanda Falls if you like being adventurous. They are located about one mile from the parking lot’s trailhead. The Falls are situated within the preserve’s borders. You’ll have to traverse the private property. Family Law Ontario CA

6. Glen Ivy Hot Springs

At the Glen Ivy Hot Springs, you can enjoy a beautiful location and top-of-the-line spa services. Hot springs have been in existence since the dawn of time. The land where the spa is situated was once sacred. Glen Ivy Hot Springs has been through numerous improvements and expansions. It is a must to visit the latest saunas. They have constructed out of Aspen as well as Canadian Hemlock woods. Each sauna offers a unique experience. Family Law Ontario CA

7. Botanical Gardens

Within 15 minutes of town lies Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens, The largest garden dedicated exclusively to California native plants. It’s an active museum, and you’ll be fascinated by the animals. The collection of plants is open to the public. Visitors can also view the displays that change throughout the year and even take classes. In addition, you can take advantage of the botany or horticulture classes and even excursions with birds. The events are scheduled every Sunday on the first day of each month.

Our Family Law Office Serves Ontario, CA

family law Ontario ca

In Ontario, CA, The Law Office of Stephen Gassner provide the following services:


There are a variety of reasons that can cause a marriage to fail. For example, the relationship between the couple can be strained and even hostile once you begin discussing the financial concerns which are a part of a divorce. Family law Ontario lawyers can offer legal guidance and assist you in resolving any points that cause contention. They can also ensure that you do not unintentionally consent to any action that harms your rights during the divorce process.

Divorce and Assets

California divorced couples must decide which way to divide their assets and liabilities. The court could be able to help them. California law stipulates that support and debts incurred in marriage must be shared equally between spouses. These are the most critical facts that each California divorcee must be aware of the laws governing property division in California. Community property rules must determine the division of property between couples. We understand that divorce is emotionally as well as physically challenging. We’re here to make the process as simple as it can be. Gassner can assist you in speeding up the divorce process.

Division of Asset

Complex property division is usually among divorce’s most challenging and litigious elements. Although child custody and visitation are two of the most emotional issues of divorce, they also tend to be among the most litigious. California’s divorce laws declare the state a community property, not an equitable distribution state. Therefore, the spouses share equally the marital assets as well as the other assets. The court will split the property equally among the spouses in a divorce. Stephen Gassner’s Law Office believes that intelligent negotiations and thorough investigations are essential to ensure that the assets are evenly distributed among spouses.


The Law Office of Stephen Gassner provides mediation services for divorce. Mediation is a method to come to an agreement between two parties. Stephen Gassner acts as a mediator in legal disputes. He aims to reach an agreement that both parties accept. Each participant will be assisted in comprehending the problem and finding an equitable, long-lasting viable, sustainable and fair solution. Mediation is private and confidential. Family Law Ontario will take the time to assist you in settling your dispute instead of pushing you toward the outcome you want.

Spousal Support

Alimony payments are required to assist your children. Couples who are not married are seldom responsible for the same burden of financial responsibility. In certain situations, one partner may be the children’s primary caregiver while the other is employed. A spouse may also be the primary caregiver for their children following divorce, even though they do not earn a salary. These cases are dealt with by the Family Law Ontario Office of Stephen Gassner, APC. We can accept requests for support for spouses within Ontario, CA. Gassner will help you talk about your situation with an attorney.

Spousal Maintenance

It can become an issue if a couple splits or divorces and needs financial assistance. Moving from a home generating two income streams to one is often difficult. In addition, it is often difficult for spouses to locate jobs to support their families or maintain their lifestyles because of a lack of education. Spousal maintenance is possible for a person experiencing divorce or legal separation. Spousal support is available to spouses, domestic partners, spouses of the same gender, or former spouses. The Family Law Ontario Office of Stephen Gassner will help you obtain the most effective results from the support of your spouse.

Child Custody / Children Custody

A seasoned attorney can ensure that child custody and child support proceedings are fair and in line with guidelines in similar cases. A Family Law Ontario professional lawyer will assure you that the procedure was reasonable and you had the opportunity to speak with the judge and other parents regarding the specifics. In addition, expert lawyers can assist you in preparing for the future. They know the security measures in place to avoid or minimize future problems. Stopping the ongoing dispute and all court appearances is the ultimate goal.

Declaration of Paternity

The court makes the paternity declaration to guarantee that the child’s father enjoys the same rights as if they were married to the mother. In addition, the court declaration assists the child in getting to meet their father legally and establish bonds. Paternity declarations are generally more effective than appearing in court and are the quickest and most efficient method to prove paternity. Family law Ontario lawyers can assist you in navigating the legal maze and safeguard your rights if you need clarification regarding paternity. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner strives to assist clients dealing with paternity concerns with empathy, knowledge, and expert outcomes. We have helped people from Ontario, CA, and the surrounding areas with declarations of paternity.

Contempt Procedures

When the child support recipient is self-employed and able to provide support, contempt proceedings could be required. You must prove your capacity to pay “beyond a reasonable doubt .” Business owners facing contempt proceedings could be ordered to agree to their support obligations and start paying the charges. Contempt cases involving family law could differ from regular contempt cases. Orders are in force and binding after the contempt issue has been decided and dismissed. The parties to a family law case must settle their disagreements even after the case has been closed.

Legal Separation

California provides the option of legal separation. This is a choice for couples who want to end their marriage. However, they are not able to dissolve the marriage. Even if there was an official separation, it’s essential to consider the legalities of divorce. The wedding you have with your spouse could be ending. Your relationship with your spouse was likely not the best before the divorce was completed. We can assist you in deciding whether you want to get an order from the court to enter into a separation agreement or divorce.

family law Ontario ca

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, sometimes referred to as prenups, are something you must consider when planning to marry. Prenuptial agreements can be signed by any person, including those already married. Financial advisors can assist you in making financial decisions before you are married. Prenups are enforceable by anyone who lives in California. It’s recommended to engage an attorney to assist you in creating a prenuptial agreement and ensure that you are aware of the laws of the state where you reside.

Protective orders

Domestic violence is a frequent issue in many states. A lot of states have laws on protection orders. Court orders state that the abusive spouse must live within a certain distance of a specified person for a set duration. California’s “restraining orders” are also referred to as protective orders. They can be issued for up to three years. In some cases, they may be extended to be permanent. The court can also direct police to operate within its limits to safeguard your family members and any immediate relatives living with you.

Modifications to Orders

Many people think divorce is final after the California divorce order is filed. This is usually the case. However, this could be an exception. A modification could be possible to one or more of the terms of the agreement for a divorce settlement. While appeals against divorce orders are feasible, they are not often granted unless the opposing party can prove that the judge misinterpreted the law or that the decision was unfair because of poor good faith. It is an appeal to modify or amend the divorce order that you believe is unfair or doesn’t satisfy your requirements. Learn more about the legal procedures involved in changing the divorce order by talking to a Family law Ontario lawyer.

Men's Divorce

Divorce for men can be an incredibly frightening idea. An experienced divorce lawyer with many years of experience in divorce and family law can assist you in avoiding the possibility that something terrible could happen. Whatever your financial circumstances, it is recommended to consider the possibility of a shared asset agreement. In the chaos of emotions caused due to divorce, both parties must agree on child support and custody agreements. You could be held accountable for hundreds of dollars in damages if you do not hire the appropriate person.

Women's Divorce

If a husband declares divorce, the wife must consider her legal options. It can be overwhelming trying to keep your roof over your head. California offers a few protections to help you handle your day-to-day life. Don’t let your ex-partners or previous partners influence your choices. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner can help you learn about your rights and how you can use these rights. It is also essential to ensure your health to prove your capability to conquer obstacles. You can improve your abilities to be able to return to work. Finally, be sure to take every step you can to get support payments from your spouse.


The environment is integral to your child’s overall health and growth. If you and your spouse are going through divorce arrangements, it’s essential to establish the most appropriate arrangement for visitation or the custody of your child. Stephen Gassner, APC, a lawyer for child custody, will assist you in completing all the paperwork. We can help you obtain your child’s right to visitation or custody. For more information, call us now.

Stephen Gassner’s Law Office represents those involved in paternity disputes. Whatever the case, you are entitled to the right to be in court, whether you’re the child’s mother, an alleged father, a biological father, a presumed father, or a putative father. It is sometimes challenging to establish the paternity of the biological origin of a father who was born. The courts generally allow DNA testing labs as well as their methods of scientific research. In some cases, the man could receive parental rights and obligations. The issues may seem complicated. However, we can assist you in understanding the law and offer advice based on the facts. We can also answer any questions you might be asking about the person who will care for your child and who pays for child support.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Family bonds are essential. They are also affected or stretched through life’s events. Every family has moments of conflict and uncertainty. Legal disputes are possible but. Stephen Gassner’s Law Office is your best asset. We’re available to discuss your concerns and assist you in restoring your relationship. We can also help with preparing documents, dispute resolution, representation in court, court applications, and even modeling. Here are a few reasons to send your legal issues directly to Family Law Ontario Office.

divorce attorney Ontario ca

Your Rights are Secured

Family lawyers can assist you in ensuring your rights, regardless of the legal matter. Family law Ontario lawyers are there to safeguard the best interests of everyone affected. Family law can be highly delicate, and it is essential to take a consistent and proficient approach. Sometimes, it is necessary to be assertive in defending false allegations or proof. However, you can get the outcomes you want with convincing arguments and an understanding of the law. The most effective family lawyers will be attentive to your specific situation.

Seasoned Representation

The court process can be complex even when they’re performing at their best. A Calgary family lawyer can assist you in navigating the complicated family law system.

Legally Binding Documents

You might not be aware of family law requirements and may find it challenging to submit the necessary documents within the required timeframes. However, the family law Ontario lawyer handles all paperwork and ensures it is legally binding, so you don’t have any surprises later on.

Qualified Support

Specific issues, like child custody maintenance, property division, and other issues, can create anxiety and emotional stress. A lot of people require help with the complicated legal system. A lawyer can help you get the most amenable outcome for every legal issue.

Prompt Resolution

While it could be an economically feasible option, trying to settle legal disputes in the family without the help of a lawyer can result in the issue becoming more complex, costlier, and more complicated. Family lawyers can help resolve disputes and get cases through the courts swiftly and effectively. We are also well-versed in the deadlines and requirements of the family law system. Therefore, it is best to consult an attorney immediately rather than wait to rectify costly errors or make them later.

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Family Law Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Peace of Mind

Legal counsel from an expert can assist in family legal issues. It’s great to know that you’re protected and that your rights are protected. There is no need to fret about the deadlines, the legal requirements for documents, or how to approach the judge. Your lawyer will handle the documents. They are familiar with similar situations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Difference Between divorce and annulment?

The difference between a marriage and an annulment is that a marriage may be legally dissolved via divorce. A marriage that is declared invalid and treated as if it never took place is an annulment.

How Does a Protection Order Work?

A protection order helps reduce the likelihood that an incident of sexual harassment or domestic violence will occur again. As long as the person in question abides by the protection order, the person who filed the complaint will be secure.

Who is Entitled to Spousal Maintenance?

Any person in a civil union can be held liable for the financial support of either spouse. This is regardless of the nature of the relationship between the two. There is no presumption that one spouse is entitled to support payments for the other.

Family Law Ontario, CA by Law Office of Stephen Gassner

family law ontario ca

Family law in Ontario CA, can be challenging to comprehend without the assistance of a knowledgeable legal team. If you have any questions you’re looking for answers to, the Law Office of Stephen Gassner is here to help. You can obtain actionable answers from our staff. We provide friendly customer service and easy scheduling to allow you to receive professional advice. Family members may confront a variety of legal issues that require guidance. Our legal team may help you in a dispute with a family member or if you cannot agree with your ex-spouse.

In our years serving the community, we have dealt with cases involving almost every aspect of family law. We have assisted with domestic violence cases, divorces, and 3-party paternity matters. We are always focused on your peace of mind. One thing we have learned through the years is that life moves on. We assist you in moving toward greater certainty and stability when facing uncertainties. We don’t only address tomorrow’s problems. We look into the future to help decide what actions are needed to make that far-off future more tangible.

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