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Family Law Attorney in Upland, CA

Upland, the largest city in California, is situated in the San Gabriel Mountains of San Bernardino County, 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Historic Downtown Upland offers quiet relaxation, various antique stores, custom-made shops, exquisite restaurants, and other amenities. In addition, many celebrations and festivals occur in the area annually. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

Upland is known for its stunning climate and skating culture. It’s also known due to its central position, which makes it easy to access the region’s best tourist attractions. In addition, the historic homes of Upland and the trees-lined streets lend it a lovely feeling. Upland hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

Here are five reasons you should see Upland and the surrounding regions of California.

1. The Cooper Regional History Museum

Upland visitors can learn the history of Upland at the Cooper Regional History Museum. The museum’s primary goal is to conserve and preserve artifacts related to the history and culture of the area and the museum’s dedication to the region’s history of citrus and wine, as well as Native American history. As you stroll the halls of the exhibits, you’ll see many antiques, photographs, documents, and other tools. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

2. Italian Food at Allegro

Allegro is situated in Upland and has served traditional Italian food with a contemporary flavor since 1998. Allegro’s ambiance is essential to the dining experience with its dim lighting and comfortable dining areas. The tables on the sidewalk and patio can also be used to dine. Take advantage of freshly baked pastries as a start for your dinner.

3. The Madonna of the Trail

The trail includes 12 statues. One of the Madonna statues is located in Upland. August Leimbach, an artist who created the statues, depicts pioneering women from the country during the 19th century as well as the 20th century. The figure is a significant aspect of the culture of Upland in the present and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

4. The Grove Theater

The Grove Theater, situated in Upland, offers live entertainment. It was constructed in 1947 and then renovated in the year 1990. The renovation resulted in significant modifications. However, it also brought about the decision to preserve some aspects of its initial design, like the Art Deco. The intimate theater is small and intimate and hosts a variety of shows throughout the year. The performances are suitable for everyone and feature local performers.

5. The Hangar 18 Indoor Climbing Gym

Hangar 18 Indoor Climbing Gym has a range of challenging climbing walls for all ages, regardless of whether you’re a novice to climbing or an experienced climber. The facility is home to 12,000 square feet worth of climbing area. It’s bright since the walls have been designed with care. There are also toprope and bouldering areas. Yoga and other fitness classes are offered on the premises throughout the week. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

Family Law Practices We Offer In Upland, CA

Family Law Attorney in Upland CA


You could believe that you are on the path to an amicable divorce, but your emotions will be all over the place when you start talking about it. Several factors might cause a marriage to fail. While discussing the many financial concerns that must be resolved as parts of a divorce, such as child support and spousal support, cordial relationships can deteriorate and become confrontational. Family Law Upland attorney specializing in family law may provide legal advice, assist you in working through the areas of contention, and ensure that you do not unknowingly consent to anything detrimental to your interests throughout the divorce process.

Divorce and Assets

California divorcees have to decide how they will divide their debts and assets. They may also seek the court for assistance. California law stipulates that debts and support acquired through marriage are equally shared by the spouses and should be split equally during a divorce. This is the information each California divorcee needs to know about the laws governing property division in California. California is among only a few states that adhere to community property rules. Other states employ equitable division principles to divide property in a divorce. A couple’s property should be divided under the laws of community property. We understand divorce can be a complicated process and emotionally. We’re here to make the process as simple as we can. Gassner can assist you in speeding up your divorce process.

Division of Asset

Complex property division is usually one of divorce’s most contentious and challenging aspects. Although child custody or visitation issues are among the most emotional, they are also the most litigious. California’s divorce laws treat the state as a state of community property instead of an equitable distribution state. This means the spouses equally distribute the assets and other property acquired through the marriage. Therefore, the court will split the property equally among the spouses in a divorce. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA The Law Office of Stephen Gassner believes a that an intelligent negotiation and thorough investigation are essential to ensure that the assets are equally divided among the spouses.


The Law Office of Stephen Gassner APC can assist you with mediation services in divorce. We help achieve an agreement between the opposing parties through mediation. Stephen Gassner, APC, acts as a mediator in legal disputes. He aims to arrive at an agreement that is mutually acceptable using tested methods. We aim to aid each party in establishing an understanding of the issue and assist them in determining an effective, sustainable, fair, and long-lasting solution. Mediation is private and confidential. Family Law Upland will spend the time to assist you in settling your dispute instead of pushing you toward the outcome you would like.

Spousal Support

Rarely are both partners in an unmarried couple liable to the same burden of financial responsibility. For example, in some cases, one spouse is in charge of child care while the other is at work. In addition, one spouse may be responsible for their children following a divorce even though they do not have an income. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner APC will be able to assist those in these situations. We accept cases of spousal support in Family Law Upland, CA. To help your children, you’ll require an alimony payment. For a discussion about your situation with an attorney, call Gassner immediately.

Spousal Maintenance

Financial aid is a frequent problem when couples divorce or split. It is often difficult to move from a house with two incomes to a single one. In addition, it is often difficult for spouses at home to find work to support their families or allow them to keep their current standard of living because of a lack of education.

Spousal maintenance is possible for someone going through a divorce, legal separation, or domestic violence. Spousal support is offered to domestic partners, spouses, and spouses of the same gender and ex-spouses. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner will assist you in achieving the highest results from your spouse’s assistance.

Child Custody / Children Custody

A competent attorney can guarantee that the child custody case and child support outcome is fair and falls within the typical ranges for comparable cases. If you hire professional counsel, you will have peace of mind knowing the procedure was conducted fairly and that you have been given a chance to discuss all of the pertinent material with the court and the other parent of the child in question. Family Law Upland lawyers with experience can also see and prepare for any problems that may develop in the future. They are aware that safeguards have been established to eradicate or significantly reduce the possibility of complications arising in the future. The objective should be to end the continuing dispute and the many trips back to court.

Declaration of Paternity

The court declares paternity to ensure that the child’s father has the same rights that he would have if he were married to the child’s mother. It also helps the child to get acquainted with their legal father and establish a bond with him. A court appearance isn’t mandatory. A paternity declaration is typically the most straightforward and efficient method to establish paternity, more effective than going to court. Family Law Upland lawyers can assist in navigating through the complex legal system and safeguard your rights when you are unsure regarding paternity. The Law Office Stephen Gassner is dedicated to helping clients deal with paternity concerns with compassion and knowledge in a professional way and getting excellent outcomes. We have helped people throughout Upland and the surrounding areas with divorce and family law problems.

Contempt Procedures

Contempt proceedings could be required in cases of child support in which the person who pays support is self-employed and can produce and is self-employed. You must demonstrate your capacity to pay “beyond a reasonable doubt.” However, the business owner who is facing contempt proceedings is often required to take on their obligations to support and start to pay the support obligations. Contempt cases involving family law may be different from regular contempt cases. The reason is that orders are entirely in force and effect even after the contempt matter is completed and ruled out. In addition, parties to the family law case must settle their disputes even after the case has been concluded.

Legal Separation

California provides a different option to divorce by granting the possibility of a legal separation. This option is utilized by couples who want to break up the marriage but not dissolve it. It is still necessary to go through all the legal aspects of divorce, even if you’ve got an official separation. The marriage you have been in may be coming to an end. You and your spouse probably didn’t have a good relationship before the divorce was finalized. Likely, things will stay the same. We can help you determine whether you should pursue an order from the court for a separation agreement or divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement, also called a prenup, is something to consider when you’re planning to marry. Even those already in a stable relationship might decide to sign a prenup. A financial advisor can help in making your financial decisions before marriage. But the prenups are legal documents that anyone in California can sign. So it is recommended to get a lawyer to prepare a prenuptial agreement and ensure that you know the laws of your state.

Protective orders

Protection order laws are commonly utilized in domestic violence across many states and even California. The court orders state that an abusive spouse is not allowed to live within a certain distance of a specified person for a specified duration. Protective orders in California, also called “restraining orders,” are placed for up to three years. They can be permanent in certain instances. In addition, the court can require police to be conducted within its jurisdiction to safeguard your family and immediate members who live with you.

Best Upland CA Family Law Attorneys

Modifications to Orders

Many believe divorce is only final once the divorce order is filed in California. It is usually the case. However, this could not be the situation. A party might be entitled to an amendment to all or any of the terms of the divorce settlement agreement. While appeals to divorce orders are possible, they are only sometimes granted if one side can prove that the judge erred in applying the law or the judgment was not fair due to poor good faith. It is a possible appeal or amend the divorce order that you believe is unfair or serving your needs. Contacting a seasoned divorce attorney in your region will help you understand more about the legal procedures needed to alter the divorce order.

Men's Divorce

The thought of divorce for males is a terrifying idea. An attorney for family law or divorce with years of experience can help you avoid the fear that something terrible could occur. You must consider an agreement to divide assets, regardless of financial circumstances. Also, both parties must be able to agree on child support and custody arrangements amid the emotional turmoil of divorce. You may be liable for thousands of dollars in losses if you do not employ the right person.

Women's Divorce

After finding that your husband has filed for divorce, you begin thinking about how to make it work. It’s possible that you are feeling overwhelmed trying to work to keep a roof over your head. California offers some safeguards you can count on to help you manage your life:

  1. Don’t let the former or ex-partners influence your decisions. The Law Office Of Stephen Gassner will orient you about your rights and prepare you to use them. Also, you must ensure your health to show your children that you can overcome challenges.
  2. It is possible to develop your abilities to reenter the workforce.
  3. Be sure to take every step you can to ensure that you receive your spouse’s support payments.


The well-being of your child is dependent on the environment they live in. Establishing the most appropriate arrangement for visitation and custody of your child is essential if you and your spouse decide to split up. Talk to Stephen Gassner, APC, an Upland, CA, child custody lawyer who can assist you in completing all the documents. We will help you in obtaining custody or visitation for your child. Contact us now for a discussion about your options.

Paternity Challenge

Stephen Gassner’s Law Office represents people involved in paternity disputes. You are entitled to appear in court, regardless of whether you’re the child’s mother or a child’s alleged father, natural father, presumed father, putative father, or biological father. It can be challenging to establish the identity of a birth father by determining biological paternity. We use DNA testing labs, and courts generally accept their scientific research method. But, this is usually not the final result in most circumstances. In addition, there are instances where a man may be given parental rights and obligations. While these issues may appear complex, we can assist you in understanding the law and offer advice based on the facts. In addition, we are available to talk with you about any questions regarding who will be the one to raise your child or who will pay child support.

Why Hire Us

Family bonds are essential for the majority of people. However, they can be stressed, stretched, or even damaged due to life events. As a result, every family faces moments of conflict and uncertainty. Fortunately, legal battles can be resolved. The Law Office of Stephen Gassner is your valuable asset. We can listen to your concerns and assist in bringing your relationship back in order.

In addition, Family Law Upland can help you with the following areas: document preparation and dispute resolution, representation in court, applications to the court, and model. Here are some reasons you should bring your legal concerns to the Law Office of Stephen Gassner.

Your Rights are Secured

Whatever legal matter you face, a family lawyer can assist you in protecting your rights. Family lawyers are concerned with the best interests of all parties involved. Family issues can be susceptible, so it is essential to take a consistent and skilled approach. Sometimes, it is required to adopt an aggressive approach to contest false evidence or accusations. You have the result you want with convincing arguments and a solid understanding of the law. But, the top family lawyers will be attentive to the circumstances.

Upland California Family Law Attorney

Seasoned Representation

Even at their very best, court proceedings can be tangled. An experienced attorney with family law expertise will assist you in navigating the Calgary family law system.

Legally Binding Documents

If you are not familiar with the requirements of family law in Alberta could be unable to write and file the proper documents in time to meet the deadlines set by law. The family lawyer of your choice will manage all paperwork and ensure that it is legally binding to ensure there aren’t any surprises in the future.

Support that is Qualified

Sometimes, issues like child custody and maintenance, property division, and other matters can be emotional and stress-inducing. As a result, many people require help dealing with the complicated legal system. Your lawyer will support you and encourage the best development in any legal situation.

Prompt Resolution

While it is an economical option, trying to settle family law disputes without the help of a lawyer could result in the matter becoming longer, costlier, and getting longer. Family lawyers can aid in the resolution of conflicts and move cases through courts swiftly and effectively. In addition, they are well-versed in the deadlines and requirements of the family law system. Therefore, speaking immediately with an attorney is the best thing to do instead of waiting to fix costly errors or mistakes later.

Peace of Mind

Family legal cases can be assisted by having access to expert legal counsel. Being confident that your rights and needs are secured is a great relief. There is no need to fret about legal obligations for documents, deadlines, and how to address the judge. Your lawyer will handle the paperwork and has expertise in dealing with similar circumstances.


A skilled family lawyer can assist you in making sense of a problematic situation so that you can continue in your life. Family law is an integral aspect of separation and divorce and is often challenging for families. Unfortunately, these cases can be highly complicated and require lots of paperwork; therefore, only a few people are equipped to advocate for themselves. Many people find it beneficial to have a family lawyer to represent them. This allows people to be aware of the available options, make an informed choice, and feel comfortable taking the next step.

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Professionalism and Commitment

Family law issues such as divorces, separations, and child custody are tangled and require an enormous amount of legal work. Family lawyers draw from their expertise and concentrate on the most critical issues with professionalism and commitment. But unfortunately, these issues aren’t things individuals outside of the legal field can tackle. If they’re willing to help you to the next level, count on them to be patient and dedicated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Purpose of Divorce?

The purpose of divorce is to arrive at a settlement with one’s spouse. A written Marital Settlement agreement serves as a record of the deal’s parameters reached between the parties. An extremely high proportion, or almost all, of divorce cases, are resolved by settlement.

Who Gets the House in California for Divorce?

According to the laws governing community property in California, in virtually all instances, the residence belongs to both spouses. If the home was bought or purchased during the marriage, both partners have some ownership interest in the property. This is still the case even if only one of the spouses had a job and contributed to the mortgage.

Who Pays for Mediation in California?

The fees for the mediator are divided equally between the two parties. However, if the parties decide to use a private mediator, they will be responsible for paying the usual amount that the mediator charges for all of their services.

Divorce Lawyer Upland CA

Family Law Upland, CA by Law Office of Stephen Gassner

A competent legal team can assist you in getting the most out of the complicated family law prevalent in Upland, CA. We recommend contacting our Law Office Of Stephen Gassner APC for any queries. Based on the data we’ve received, you will receive immediate responses from us. We make it simple to get guidance from experienced experts. That’s why we provide quick service and simple scheduling. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

Many problems could arise within the family, and you might require legal advice. For example, we could assist you if you have an issue with your family member or cannot come to a fair agreement with your spouse, who you divorced. Our clients have handled cases that cover the entire spectrum of family law. We’ve dealt with divorces, three-party paternity cases, complicated appellate matters, and domestic violence cases. We’re committed to providing your security throughout the process.

We’ve learned one thing through the years: life is always moving forward. We assist you in moving towards greater stability and certainty in the face of uncertainties. We don’t only address the issues of tomorrow. We can assist you in planning for the near future by looking forward and instructing you on the actions required to bring that far future closer. Family Law Attorney in Upland CA

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